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Gas test equipment.


While studying film sensing elements and devices, based on them, we were faced the problem of specialized instrumentation. Therefore, for testing and calibration of TAF-sensors we have created a multi-position flowing gas test device (set).


With this set we can to maintain the required concentration of detected gas in the testing gas mixture. The set allows us not only monitor with a high degree of accuracy and regulate in a wide range the ratio of mixture, but also to maintain the required level of any component flow rate of the gas mixture.

Specialized control modules (drivers) have been set up for status monitoring of each measuring element of gas sensors, allowing to obtain complete information on the status and parameters of the sensor in real time.

 Thus, we can control the stand-out electric power and support, with high accuracy, the desired temperature of the hot zone of the measuring element.

 The proposed driver allows you to continuously record the electrical parameters of the heater in a wide range and high precision. For the case of semiconductor sensing elements, driver monitors changes in the electrical parameters of the sensitive layers.

The gas test device (set) equipment is equipped with a system of collection and storage of experimental data. Specially designed and manufactured hardware and software systems allow you to save the information in digital form on the control computer hard disk. The results obtained are suitable for further processing by modern means of mathematical experiment and data processing.


External appearance of the gas equipment gas test device (set).


The photograph shows the external appearance of working gas test device (set) for 24 workplaces.


It is clearly seen all three components of the gas test device (set):
                 A - a complex gas treatment, based on the device "Shaper gas streams;
                 B - working area, consisting from 4 interdepended sections with 6 workplaces;
                 C - hardware-software complex consisting of a block of data collection and paramount processing of information and computer.


A                                     B                                   C