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Semiconductor gas sensors.


We have developed the complex technological operations, which allows to produce sensing elements for high-speed semiconductor gas sensors.

The measuring elements, manufactured by using the proposed film microheater, have low power expenditure, high sensitivity, reliability and longevity. Using them in corresponding electronics devices make it possible to keep temperature of catalytic films on the given level with high precision. It makes it possible to avoid autocatalysis.

Sensors, produced on the film microhotplate base, are able to work after the attack of high concentrated detected gas.

TAF-sensors withstand high dynamic loads. Tests of the film platinum heaters have shown their stability, both at constant and pulsed heating.

The semiconductor TAF-sensors allow to produce reliable, high-speed, efficient and inexpensive devices. This devices can measure concentrations not only of the combustible gases (methane, propane, butane, hydrogen and heavy hydrocarbons, alcohol, solvent vapors, CO), but ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and many other toxic gases.

Made in small lots, our sensors are successfully tested in several research centers in our country and abroad.

 The main characteristics of semiconductor thin-film measuring element.

The table presents main characteristics of the semiconductor TAF-sensor compared with their closest analogues TGS 2611 and TGS 842 by Figaro company (Japan).




TGS 2611

TGS 842

Power consumption at simple heating up to 450C, mW

< 65

> 280



Substrate material thickness, mm

10 - 50



Heater thermal response time, ms




Heater resistance (at room temperature), W

10 - 30


30.0 3.0

Heater resistance drift, % a year

< 2



Heater stability at pulsed measurements
45020C), number of cycles

Not less - 5 ×106



Chip sizes, mm




Hot spot sizes, mm2




Heater material




Range of analyzed gas concentration measurement, %

0.005 - 2.5

methane, propane

0,005 - 1,0

methane, propane

0,005 - 1,0

methane, propane