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Film Microheaters.


The basis for the proposed measuring elements is film microheater. This heating element represents construction - a thin membrane from polycrystalline aluminum oxide is glued on the massive ceramic base with a hole in the middle. Membrane thickness is 10-50 microns. The thickness of the thickest part of the base is equal to 0.65 mm. The size of the unit element is 6×6 mm.

A ceramic plate, 48×60 mm size, with holes and saw cuts (see Fig), is used in all the preliminary stages of the technological process. Base material is radioceramics ADS-96R (in Russia BK-96). Cuts are designed to make it easy to break up plates on single chips.

A heater and the all necessary additional elements (compensation resistance, current leads, contact areas) is deposited by using vacuum deposition material (usually it is platinum) on manufacturing basis.

Ready ceramic plate breaks up into individual workpieces, which are used in the manufacturing of gas sensors sensitive elements. From the substrate, size of 48×60 mm, can be obtained up to 75 chips of size 6×6 mm.

Proposed microhotplates are good prefabricated for manufacturing of various sensing devices, such as gas concentration sensors, pressure gauges, gas flow detectors, fast-acting thermometers, barretters.